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Marina met us at an outdoor venue. She immediately put us together in shots that were absolutely spectacular. Throughout the entire shoot, she tried to get a feel for who we are as a couple, and took candid, random shots that really did a great job capturing who we are. She was patient and diligent – once, even, she jumped into the fountain herself and crouched down into the water to get the best shot she could. Marina delivered beautiful, memorable work, and has been such a pleasure to work with. We’d recommend her to anyone who’d want quality photography by a photographer who really strives to understand the real you. Thank you, Marina!

Marina is amazing!! She made me feel so confident the entire shoot and gave me perfect guidance throughout the entire experience. When I got my photos back (way more than I ever expected) I was beyond excited! My husband was as well. I was more than happy with the entire experience and will continue recommending her as often as possible!

Marina truly goes the extra mile with her photography.  I had never been photographed professionally before in an individual shoot, so it was slightly nerve wracking coming into it.  Marina patiently helped me feel comfortable in my own skin, and we had a blast driving around looking for locations to shoot in.  Thanks Marina for the great work!